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Ten Days of Glory, Love and Action! 

What is it?

Ten Days of Glory, Love and Action is taken from a period of time recorded in the book of Acts. Jesus had told his followers that after He ascended back into heaven they were to go and wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit whom the Father had promised came to them. From the time of Jesus' ascension until feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came is a period of ten days (Acts chapters 1-2). The number 10 in scripture means "completed course of time or completeness in divine order!" 

Ten Days of Glory is a time of gathering as a corporate expression of believers which is set aside for the passionate pursuit of and obedience to God. We seek His face with a desire for increase of the work and life of the Holy Spirit in a greater measure in our lives. It is a time for those have been captivated by the love of Jesus Christ and have a desire for His ever-increasing glory to flow out through them.

The invitation is extended to all who have a yearning to usher in and go forth in the fullness of His life, love and power to see the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of their God. We anticipate His righteousness, peace and joy in our midst as it springs forth as a supernatural overflow of the Spirit as He uses His children to love the world around them and draw others to Himself. (Acts 2:5-13).

This is a time where those who pursue Him with hearts fully abandoned find themselves infused with His life, zeal and passionate love through the impartation of the Holy Spirit as He supernaturally indwells and empowers all who come to Him. Once the Holy Spirit arrived and took up residence within the believers hearts the very next expression we see is that with great joy and hilarity (they were actually accused of being drunk) they are out in the streets praising God and declaring His wonders!  In receiving the person of the Holy Spirit as Gods life within themselves the believers received the power to witness, heal and to do miracles. It did not stop there however, in the next two chapters of Acts (3&4) we find that the believers began to go house to house daily worshiping, fellowshipping, praying and empowering hearts with love for the Lord and each other. They willing sold their land and possession and brought the money to be distributed to any that had need among them. How awesome it truly is to see that kind of love flowing freely among the Lords people.

Ten Days of Glory, Love and action is in essence a time of seeking and waiting with great anticipation of the King of Glory to show Himself real and alive to and through His people. Lives are filled to overflowing with His love, power and soundness of mind as they enter into the greatest of all privileges. That privilege is when one becomes flooded with the Spirit of God Himself and becomes equipped to hear and obey His voice. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are empowered to become the Sons (children) of the living God. (Rom. 8:14). As we yield to the voice of Holy Spirit as He takes us out into the world around us to share and impart that love in power through action. Declaring the kingdom of God is at hand and then demonstrating the kingdom by healing the sick, casting out devils, cleansing the leper, raising the dead. Freely we have received of Him, so we freely give Him out.

Ten Days of Glory, Love and Action are times filled with intense immersion in the Holy Spirit which often include worship, teaching, ministry of life in and by Spirit through visions, dreams, spiritual songs, poetic writings,  prophecy, healing, testimonies, holy stillness, waves of love, waves of joy and peace among other spiritual gifts. There is a release of prophetic utterance and ministry through the laying of hands for conformation and commissioning to go forth in the power, love, and glory of the Lord. Those attending the gatherings are encouraged to simply yield to the Spirit of God to allow Him to come and build His kingdom within their lives and allow Him to do with them whatever He wills. This positions us to be used by Holy Spirit in any way He desires and opens the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to go beyond the limitations of one's own mind and abilities into the infinite possibilities that are in to found in Him as He does His work in and through us. 

Ten day of Glory typically goes something like this. The first 3 days are for worship prayer, encouragement and infilling. The next 3 days are days of worship prayer and active release as we take the love and power in of God in team groups out into the surrounding community. Day 7 is a day of testimonies, reflection, thanksgiving and rest. Day 8 and 9 continue on in more worship, prayer. encouragement and going into the community pouring out more of His love ending with more worship and thanksgiving. Day 10 is a day of celebration and testimonies and worship and thanksgiving for all God has done!

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"For the earth shall will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea!" (Hab. 2:14)