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GEM ‘Live to Give’ Helps Support Fund


What it is and how it works.

We will be the first to admit that we cannot even begin tell of all that will happen when one chooses to become a gift giver in Gods kingdom. Our God with His outrageous love goes far beyond all that we can ever ask or think when we obey Him with a loving giving heart.

The Global Empowerment for Ministry Team has chosen to be an example by being givers ourselves. We offer this portion of our ministry to those who desire to participate in the GEM 'Live to Give' helps support fund. We realize that the words written here can only allow a very small glimpse of what can transpire when one chooses to participate in GEM ‘Live to Give’ helps ministry. Our hope is that this peek will inspire students of ministry to become radical givers as the Holy Spirit directs their heart in the matter of giving and receiving!

After having reviewed many online and other Bible School study courses that are presently being offered we found most were requiring enrollment fees starting at a minimum of $500. Most enrollment fees for the various biblical study courses were many times that amount. We decided that rather than charge our students for enrollment in our classes we would allow them to enrolling in the courses for free. Not that the courses do not have value,  their spiritual value we believe is beyound any price that one could pay. However, we want all to be able to come and receive the spiritual benifit of  the courses without price. So we decided that rather than stockpile profits for our ministry or we could choose to create a platform of financial support for students of ministry who enroll in The School of the Spirit courses. 

This helps support ministry has been designed to serve you as diciples of Christ and ministers of the gospel by allowing you to empower each other through offering biblical training courses and the opportunity to bless those that have blessed you through giving financial gifts to each another. Should a student of ministry choose to participate the GEM 'Live to Give' helps support ministry it will enable them have more freedom to be about God's business as a laborer in the harvest. We made this choice to creating a financial support base platform for your ministry because we see you as someone who is worthy to be invested in and we trust our heavenly Father is pleased with our making this available for you.

What we have determined to do for each student who enrolls in the GEM School of the Spirit is to create a means of gift giving we have entitled "Live to Give". Through participating in the "Live to Give" helps ministry, one learns how they can be a blessing by giving to others while aligning themselves to become receivers as well. Without receivers there would be no one to whom we could bless and give.

Each newly enrolled student of ministey who qualifies and participates in the GEM "Live to Give" helps support fund become eligible to receive support gifts of $500 from each person who they personally empower for ministry when that person enrolls in the GEM School of the Spirit.

Once a student has enrolled in the GEM School of The Spirit Study Courses, each student of ministry donates of a free gift offering to the person who enrolled them in the courses. This gift is given to help create support for that student of ministry as they begin their ministry. 

The GEM team has prayerfully developed this helps ministry to make a way for each qualifying student of ministry enrolled in the courses to receive a support gift from each new student they are helping to empower for ministry. The suggested donation is a support gift of $500.

Once a student is enrolled they are entitled to all of GEM online School of the Spirit courses as well as access to additional courses as they are made available. Students have access to online Bible software, downloadable books, audio books, e-books, video courses, personal coaching,, counseling and prayer support.

Some of GEM School of the Spirit courses can be viewed here: 

GEM School of the Spirit 

Audio E-books:

Bible CD Download Available in over 15 translations

Student of ministry does not have to wait for GEM to write them a support check. (No monies for courses are given to us or passes through us). The persons whom they enroll (once they qualify) will give the full $500 support gift directly to them when they enroll in the School of the Spirit. Newly enrolled students of ministry receive $500 as a donation gift from those that they have empowered for ministry by enrolling them into The School of the Spirit Courses and receive a $500 support donation from them. It's just that simple.

So what do we at GEM get out of it? We receive the joy of seeing each newly enrolled minister grow in the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and become spiritually empowered to do the will of God.. We get to experience the rapid spontaneous expansion of the Kingdom of God in all who are coming to  receive the One whom our hearts so loves. Our joy is in obeying Him and watching His people grow up into His image. That is what we get out of it!

Global Empowerment for Ministry receives no financial percentages of any donation gifts given to others in the student of ministry empowerment process. We felt the Holy Spirit instructing us, "Freely you have been given so freely give, and in the process of your giving make it possible for others to reap spiritual, physical, emotional and financial blessings". Another benefit for us is that we get the blessing of praying with new ministers, offering spiritual encouragement and empowerment as we are in contact with those involved in The School of The Spirit.


What does it take to qualify? 

One qualifies by being a giver!

First one enrolls as a student in The School of The Spirit study courses. Next as a new student you donate a gift to help support the minister who enrolled them. Then when you enroll your first student you also give away the first $500 support gift that is given to you to the minister who enrolled you. That's it. That is all it takes to qualify. 

In biblical terms it's called the 'Giving of the First Fruits'. Once a person is enrolled in the courses donated $500 to the student of ministry who enrolled them and has given away their first $500 gift of financial support as a gift to the student who enrolled them as well, that qualifies them to begin receiving $500 support gifts. Each subsequent student that they personally enroll in the study courses from then on who choose to participate in the 'Live to Give' support ministry they receive a $500 donation gift for their ministry.

It's more blessed to give than receive." Acts 20:35. "Give and it will be given unto you good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, will men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you give out it will measured to you again."  Luke 6:38. The phrases, "I make my living through giving" or "I live to give”, can be actualized as we allow the Spirit of the Giver Himself to begin to become more and more active in our lives.


A Quick Recap of 'Give to Live'

A student of ministry enrolls in the School of the Spirit study courses and gives a $500 donation as a support gift to the person who enrolled them. The new student helps empower another person by personally enrolling them in the courses. The first $500 donation they receive from that new student they also give to the person who enrolled them. Each and every student enrolls and donates a support gift of $500 which goes directly to the one enrolling the student. 

Through The School of The Spirit the students will then be empowered to launch into new and exciting ways of yielding to the Spirit of Giving in every day situations. The Holy Spirit wants each of us to get this spiritual gift giving attitude worked into the depths of our spirit at the very first stage of ministry. We strongly believe that it is more important to be a gift giver than it is to create a financial support base. (See GEM Gift Giving Challenge). Godly gift giving is at the heart of the ministry that flows from the Fathers heart. It is indeed all about His wonderful Gift Giving Spirit! It's not about the gifts of support. Financial giving is only one of the tools that God's Spirit uses to crack open our hardened hearts. However, it is an important tool and one that is not to be overlook nor is it one to be over emphasized.


‘Double Portion.’

Let's take a look at what else happens in this 'Giving of the First Fruits' 

"Good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over... "

First a new student joyfully gives a support gift of $500 dollars to the minister who enrolled them. Next, they have just as joyfully given away the first $500 donation gift they received from the first student of ministry they enrolled to the same minister who enrolled them in the course. Next a truly wonderful thing begins to transpire. Each additional student that one empowers through enrollment will give a donation of $500 for support, then that student will give the first $500 support gift they receive as well.

What a blessing this is! Through their giving of the 'First Fruits' they align themselves to become empowered to reap a ‘Double Portion’ blessing. Through this 'First Fruits Giving' one essentially has the potential to receive support gifts of $1000 from each new student who enroll in the study courses after their first qualifying enrollment. This is part of the wonder of 'First Fruits Giving'!

There is no limit to the number of new students one can empower for ministry through the GEM School of the Spirit Study Courses or the number of donations one can receive. Once a student qualifies and begins receiving support they never have to re-qualify, they simply continue to empower others by enrolling more students.

The GEM helps support ministry helps to free ministers to spend much time in prayer and ministering to and discipling others to follow jesus. There are great spiritual and financial blessing awaits any any student of ministry who choose to empowers even a few people per month and those students also choose to participate in the 'Live to Give' helps support ministry and do the same. What a great joy it is to be able help empower and equip others and bring the potential for such freedom to minister unto their Lord and to others.


GEM ‘Live To Give’ help support can bring Freedom To:

1)    Wait upon the Lord through prayer and ministry of the Word, (making disciples). (Acts 6:4)

2)    Give gifts to the widows and orphans, the poor and hungry. (James 1:27; Isaiah 58:7; Galatians 2:10)
3)Travel and take the gospel to the nations. (Matthew 28:19)
4) Give gifts of support to those who are ministering the gospel. (I Timothy 5:17-18; I Corinthians 9:9-14; Romans 15:27)

GEM 'Live to Give' help support offers Freedom From:

1) Financial bondage (debt). (Rom 13:8)
2) Mailing letters to friends and family members begging for support. (You can send money to them to take a mission's trip!)
3) Taking up offerings for support. (You get to give them instead.) Acts 20:33-35, I Cor. 9:18, 2 Cor. 11:7

4) Working at a secular place of employment.
Perhaps you enjoy your job and see it as a place of ministry. That's wonderful! However, should you begin to find the same desire working in you that came alive in some of the disciples as recorded in Acts 6:4 "To give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word."  Perhaps you love Jesus and want to do what He instructed Peter to do when He asked Peter if He loved Him. "Feed my sheep!" "Feed my sheep!" "Feed my Lambs!" (John 21;17). Nations will come to the house of the Lord and say, "Teach us your way we want to walk in your paths!" (Isaiah 2:3; Micah 4:2). Get ready the day is at hand!

The team at GEM takes delight in offering a way to help you prepare and have the freedom to be able to do just that.

Pray and obey!




GEM 'Live To Give' Helps Ministry

A student, who enrolls in The GEM School of The Spirit Courses, makes a $500 donation to the minister who enrolled them in the school. They in turn enroll their first student and give that $500 support donation of that first student to the person that enrolled them as a support gift. This giving of the first enrolled student’s $500 gift of support to the person who introduced them and enrolled them will qualify them to begin receiving support gifts of $500 on all of their subsequent GEM School of The Spirit student enrollments who participate in the 'Live to Give' ministry of helps.

Once a student of ministry has qualify to begin receiving support gifts, each person who they enroll personally first student only donation will be given directly to them as support for their ministry. The donations go directly to the minister enrolling the student; no donations are ever to be sent to GEM for School of the Spirit. Donations for the work of the ministry are given to each other among the students of ministry as support gifts within the GEM support gift giving network. You keep the support gifts for the work of the ministry as the Lord directs you as His ambassador.

Applying for GEM
Of The Spirit Study Courses

Upon agreement with the GEM statement of belief and completing an online application there will be a time prayerful review. The Global Empowerment for Ministry team will make a decision as to the acceptance of enrollment at which time the perspective student will notified. Notification is usually within 3-5 days of applying, it could be sooner but sometimes there are delays as we wait before Him. We ask that applicant be in prayer as well.

Thanks for your prayerful consideration of joining with us on this great adventure in the Kingdom of God. May the rich blessing of our Lord overtake you in every aspect of you lives as you give your all to Him and the rapid expansion of His ever increasing kingdom!

In His great love,

The Global Empowerment for Ministry Support Team