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Audio Series on the Book of Revelation taught by J. Preston Eby

                                                   Read by Laura Casle 

This study of the book of Revelation is not your run of the mill end times teaching. Rather it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ as he desires to be revealed with the heart of every christian who has an ear to hear the revelation. You are encouraged to prayerfully listen and set you heart to obey as the Holy Spirit opens the realms of heaven that await you in this wonderful hour. God bless you richly as you seek to know Him whom your heart so loves. 

These messages are all MP3 format You can burn mp3 files on your CD Burner and play on any CD Player.

To listen to any of these files click on the title. To Download these files right click on the Title and click on save target as and then the location on your computer you want to download to. Then go to the file you downloaded and click on it to play.

You may copy and distribute these messages freely.