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 Global Empowerment for Ministry


The Global Empowerment for Ministry (GEM) teams desire is to join with the Holy Spirit to make it as easy as possible for believers to be equipped and released into the work of ministry. We believe that preparation for ministry was never intended to be a long drawn out affair. We are to simply believe, receive and give out what has been given unto to us through the power, anointing, and precious love of the Holy Spirit. It is He who is at work in our lives and it is He who we will empower and direct our lives. 

Our mission at GEM is to be actively joined together with the Holy Spirit in awakening believers to the understanding that they really do have a heavenly Father who passionately loves them. To see them become  aware of the extremity of His love for them and for the world around them. Our desire is that together we will experience the outward explosion of that love and enabling power that releases us from the powers of darkness that have held each of us captive. To see hearts freely give out to others that abundant life He has ministered to their own lives. All of this taking place under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in fellowship with other believers.

Jesus desiring His followers to become dispensers of His life giving Spirit reveals in the third chapter of the gospel of Mark (verses 13-15) the need to spend time with Him first and foremost. In this way alone can we be changed and formed into His likeness, this is paramount to the life and flow of His Spirit within each believer. In this passage of scripture we can see that before Jesus ever commissioned His disciples to teach or preach, before he ever released the word of power in them to heal the sick, and cast out demons or raise the dead (the work of the ministry) we find He first did something else. He ordained them to be with Him. 

Ministry to others is not what comes first, spending time with Him whom our hearts so love is what is to come first. Ministry to others is indeed important, but it is not number one. All fruitfulness in ministry flows out of intimate relationship with the Son of God. This is what must come first if we are to please our Lord and walk in His glory, His power and His love. As He become our center and focal point of our existence we will indeed be fruitful and it will produce fruit that will remain. It is when we set aside time for Him alone is that we become aware of who He truly is and just what His desires are for each of us. In the secrete place with Him is where we discover to whom He desires to send us and how we are to minister. It is out of this time of intimacy with Him that we will go forth to teach, encourage and empower others with His life and for His kingdom. It is here in the wonderful place of union and communion with Him that realize who we are and why we were created it is from the depths of His heart that the true throne room power of love enables us with the ability to nurture others and encourage them to enter into that same deep intimate relationship with God for themselves. They then can begin to explore the depths of His love for themselves. In this way we make disciples of Christ and not disciples of ourselves. Disciples who know His voice and follow Him and not become constantly dependent upon others to lead and teach them. "My sheep will know My voice and another they will not follow." (John 10:4,5,14,27)

To have instruction from other believers in the beginning of our life in God is important. It is part of what God uses to bring us deep meaningful relationships with each another. However, we are not to become lords or directors of the lives of others, that is the job of the Holy Spirits. Jesus made this clear when He admonished His followers not to become as the Gentiles (unbelievers) and lord it over those whom He had given into their care. (Mark 10:42-45)

One of the ways we are to express our Love for our Lord is to feed His flock. Jesus gave that direct command to Peter after He had ask Peter three times if he loved Him. Jesus' reply to Peter was "Feed My sheep" or "Feed my lambs" each time. This strongly implied that those disciples who truly love Him will provide food for the sheep and the lambs of His pasture. This means much more than having a Bible study or reciting some scripture that one has committed to memory. Much more indeed! Feeding the sheep is to do just as Jesus did with His disciples. Breath on them the breath of the Spirit. Once they receive the breath of God, the very essence of the Spirit of Life itself, then together we can eat of Him the bread of heaven, the Living Word and grow up together into the full nature of Christ Jesus through the loving nurturing care of mature body members. (John 6:22-68; 20;22; 21:15-17; Eph. 4:11-16)

The GEM team has prayerfully laid out uniquely designed events, audio, video and study courses that will help to empower believers and launch them into the life Jesus has secured for them. Together we learn to yield to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to activate worship and prayerful communion within our hearts in private times of communion. We also learn to worship, pray and expand the kingdom of God within the surrounding community. Through a spiritual lifestyle one begins to have developed within them a deeper understanding of their communion and union with God and discover deep meaningful relationship with each other. In this place of holy union we come to know personally who this Jesus really is that has given His Spirit to live within us. We embark upon a fascinating discover of who we have become in our connection to the God of all creation. 

In a joint relationship with the GEM prayer teams and School of the Spirit one has the opportunity to come to the realization of what God's has declared by His Spirit they are to be. They discover the wonderful work Jesus has done for them and continues to do in them. As the Spirit leads they then have the opportunity to explore the wonders found in Kingdom of God and plunge into the realms of the resurrection power that has been opened through His death, burial, resurrection, ascension. This comes to the believer not just as a historical fact but as present truth within one own heart and life!

Global Empowerment for Ministry offers spiritual team relationships. Men and women, families who will join with you in prayer and walk along side you on your journey. Our goal is to first see each child of the King become actively engage and enter into all the wonders of this abundant life that we have received through the Spirit of Life Himself. We extend ourselves to see each believer reach their glorious potential in Christ as they grow up into the very life and nature of Jesus Christ Himself.

Secondly, we understand the need of the provision that is needed in the physical realm that is requires as one sets out to be about their heavenly Father's business. We have a promise from the lips of Jesus when He tells us "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all you need will given you. (Matt 6:33) Many who know that they are called to be ministers of the gospel never enter into ministry for fear that they will not be able to support themselves while they go though ministry training. They end up putting it off until finally it seems like a long lost dream that is never realized. Some can't afford the expense of training while others push ahead choosing to go into debt. Often they discover that these expensive schools are not what they are cracked up to be. Disillusionment and discouragement sets in and soon they find themselves disheartened and end up doubting their calling, doubting themselves and many completer give up thinking it must of just been all in their mind. Others feel that they have a desire to minister God's life to those in need but either don't feel qualified or are not quite sure where to begin.

Another important fact concerning finance is that we do not encourage the modern model of church with its
large buildings, paid staff, and multitude of programs. We feel that this inhibits the spontaneous expression
and expansion of the Spirit equipped and Spirit led church. The gifts Jesus gave to the church of pastor, teachers, apostles, prophets and evangelist was not so they would do the work of the ministry. It is to equip the believers to do the work of the ministry and bring them into the fullness of Christ. (Eph. 4:7-13). When a hierarchical type of clergy is in place which does all or most of the ministry it creates weak baby christians who constantly have to be bottle fed and never become strong enough to actually become mature believers able to impart Gods life and see other children birthed into the kingdom and nurtured in Gods family. The entire structure of large organized church systems with their extensive building programs and staff expenses focus on the ministry of a chosen few and not on the equipping and maturing of all who God brings into their care.

Global Empowerment for Ministry offers a completely different and approach. We offer a blend of biblical teaching, kingdom love, prayer support, house to house fellowship, and personal in the field lifestyle training.  We also teach the opportunity to learn how to make a living through giving which can set you on a path of freedom to continually be about the Fathers business by freeing up time and finances to do so. Your heavenly Father loves you and desires to bring increase in every area of your life. While you are growing spiritually in the life of the Holy Spirit and ministering to others, we join ourselves with His Spirit in you to see you abound in His provision for you.

The 'Live to Give' Helps Support will allow you to grow dramatically in your ability to receive and your ability to give. This happens first through your giving out of the spiritual gifts of life and love which His bountiful Spirit pours into you. Your gifts of time, skills and finances will be required of you as you serve Him. You will not be asked to give any financial support to GEM, you will be giving to others not to us. What we do ask is that you support us in prayer. Pray that the Spirit of wisdom and understanding be fully unveiled in our hearts as we journey with Gods family into the depths of Christ love.

Jesus encourages us to be givers when He tells us; "Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you." (Luke 6:38). As the ultimate example of giving He chose to give His own life in our behalf. We are not to give just to get that would be greed. However, when a seed is sown the farmer expects a harvest! Kingdom giving is giving in order to bless. It's in the nature of God who has granted us His giving nature in the Lord Jesus Christ who is our life. Our heavenly Father is the greatest example we have of what it means to be a giver, "God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son..."  In sowing His Son into the grave God reaped His expected harvest of many sons brought into glory. Our God is without question the greatest giver and receiver the world has ever see! (John 3:16; Heb. 2:10)

As truly wonderful as the gift of His son as a ransom for our sins is, that is not all He gave to us! Before Jesus ascended back to His heavenly Father after His resurrection He told us that He would ask the Father to send us another gift. This gift would come to us as Gods Spirit Himself to live within us in the person of the Holy Spirit. In the second chapter of the book of Acts we read that God sends His Holy Spirit to indwell and empower those who believe. The Holy Spirit is in reality Gods own Spirit given to us as a gift from our heavenly Father! WOW! The gift of the Holy Spirit actively comes and lives His life through us from the inside out. This gift of the Holy Spirit is for you, your children, even as many as the Lord will call, (Acts 2:1-39).

Jesus also makes a point in Luke 11 telling us just how great the Fathers desire is in giving us the Holy Spirit when he says; "if evil earthly fathers know how to give good gifts to their children then how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?" (Luke 11:13). We are repeatedly encouraged throughout scripture to be givers like our heavenly Father. We find such wonderful words of encouragement in the following scripture verses "God loves a cheerful giver" and "it is more blessed to give then receive". Are we really able to give cheerfully? Do we really sense and know that we are more blessed when we give than when we receive? With the help of the Holy Spirit within us we can know these truths for the reality they are in our lives and not just as mere principles to be practiced and doctrines to be learned.

The GEM support team has purposed to come along side you in offering a way to help develop the giving nature of the Holy Spirit within your life as He actively becomes a deeper reality within you in spiritual and practical ways. This we believe will be an on going help to us as His nature grows within us and becomes a living part of our lives in Him. In truth we will find ourselves becoming a truly delightful giver just like our heavenly Father.

The Global Empowerment for Ministry Team has prayerfully searched for a way to partner with the Holy Spirit to help train you in ministry unto the Lord and ministry unto others. We have endeavored to create a ministry of support helps fund that will aid in financial support. After more than twenty years of diligently seeking the Lord in this matter we created what we see as a springing board that can be used to generate a financial support base. It is in no way a requirement for those who enroll in our training courses but is offered entirely upon ones one choice to participate in the helps ministry.

Our desire is to propel each minister of the gospel to actively spend time in communion with God, grow in His love and grace while the kingdom of God is spontaneously expanded within their lives and within the lives of those they are in contact with.. This helps ministry can allow one the freedom to rapidly transition into the work of the Lord they have been called to. It is with this understanding we offer assistance that can aid in financial gift giving. These are practical gifts of helps. Choose the 'Live To Give' button on the navigation menu to see how GEM encourages the increase of financial support for the GEM student by creating an unique support base while simultaneously increasing your give-ability through our support helps ministry.