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The Revelation of Jesus Christ in His Church


The Church is now being awakened on a global scale, the kingdom of God is proclaimed and the Holy Spirit is at work within His called out ones preparing them for the administration of the rulership of Jesus Christ through His earthly body the church. His Spirit is now encircling the globe bringing to light the revelation of Jesus Christ in His people!

Those who have a ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church are being awakened in their hearts, minds and spirits with a fresh desire to obey Jesus' command to preach the kingdom of God! They are not just praying the words that Jesus taught them to pray to our Father "... let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as in heaven." They are actually becoming the prayer and letting God rule and reign within and through them as He brings His kingdom alive within their earth, yes even within their very lives. Jesus said, "The kindom of God is within you!" 

 Through joint union with the Holy Spirit we have become the interface that reveals the kingdom of God here on earth to those around us as He unveils His kingdom within us spirit, soul and body. We become the earthly expression of His life, His glory, His rulership.

 May the wonderful Holy Spirit reveal to you just who this Christ is that lives within and what great eternal destiny lies in you because of Him. Let faith arise as your spirit soars upward. Spend much time with His as He alone will lead you and guide you and reveal the Christ that is living within you